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Lands Tribunal for Scotland

Previous decisions

On this page you will find details of decisions made in recent cases. There are examples under the jurisdictions relating to disputed compensation, valuation for rating, tenants’ rights to buy, discharge of land obligations, Land Register appeals, title conditions, abolition of feudal tenure, tenancies-at-will and land reform. You may browse or search these examples below.

Browse the decisions

Selecting a jurisdiction will bring up a list of recent cases on that subject by name and LTS reference number. Selecting the number will bring up the Opinion of the Tribunal in that case. This will usually include a headnote with key phrases that will help indicate the specific type of issues dealt with. In many cases there will also be a short summary.

Please choose a jurisdiction of interest:

Alternatively you may search through the decisions for particular words or phrases, using the search form below. You might search by the name of an applicant or respondent, for example, or by the name or location of a property, or by some aspect of the case.

Note that the search may take several seconds; please be patient. Press the “Search” button to continue.

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