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Lands Tribunal for Scotland

Lands Tribunal welcomes Andy Flanagan as Deputy Clerk

After a period of months when the Tribunal has been operating on a shoestring in terms of administrative staff, following the retirement of long-timers Neil Tainsh, as Clerk, and Douglas Ballantyne, as Deputy Clerk, I am pleased to advise of the appointment of Andrew (Andy) Flanagan as Deputy Clerk.

Andy’s career to date seems tailor-made for his new role in as much as it comprises, broadly, 18 years working as a searcher, first with Millar & Bryce Ltd and then with First Scottish Searching Services Ltd, followed by 15 years as Deputy Registrar in the District and High Courts of New Zealand. Accordingly he has familiarity with both Scotland’s land registration systems (both the Register of Sasines and the Land Register) and the judicial process. Although neither the procedures nor the substantive law with which he was concerned in New Zealand are the same as the processes of the Tribunal and Scottish Land Law, there are commonalities in court procedures throughout the democratic world which makes his experience in New Zealand highly relevant and extremely useful.

Since returning to Scotland Andy has worked at Dunfermline Sheriff Court and, more recently, for the Department of Works and Pensions but he regards the post of Deputy Clerk of the Tribunal as a “dream opportunity”, combining, as it does, aspects of areas in which he has extensive experience and has enjoyed working. Having joined us at the beginning of December, he is already making his mark and regular Tribunal users will soon come to realise that they can invest the same level of trust and confidence in him as they did in his predecessor.

In welcoming Andy I also want to thank Eli do Rego for his outstanding work in keeping the administrative side of the Tribunal’s work functioning during what was a very difficult time. No words can adequately describe what he has done and I and my fellow Tribunal Members are immensely grateful to him for it. Grateful mention should also be made of Andy Dick who helped out with clerking some major hearings at critical points and did so with outstanding efficiency.

The role of Clerk to the Tribunal will be covered by Alison Irving, Principal Clerk of the Land Court, for the time being while discussion continues on the long-term nature of that post with one eye on the forthcoming (but not imminent) unification of the Tribunal and the Court.

Lord Minginish
11 January, 2022