Covid-19 outbreak

In conformity with guidance issued by the President of the Scottish Tribunals, the Lands Tribunal will not be holding hearings involving witnesses for the foreseeable future. Agents in hearings of this kind which have already been fixed have already been contacted to that effect. The advice received is that even urgent, time-sensitive hearings should take place only in the form of telephony hearings; but that is difficult for a tribunal such as ours, which operates more like a court. Our present intention is, therefore, to continue to hold first hearings in Electronic Communications Code cases, where there is deemed to be an element of urgency. That said, parties and their advisers in all cases should consider whether the matters requiring determination by the Tribunal are capable of being dealt with on the basis of written submissions and advise us accordingly, as a matter of urgency. In the present climate that would be much more preferable to bringing even quite small numbers of people together in a courtroom.

To reduce demands on our clerks, it would be helpful if communication with the tribunal was done via email to rather than telephone.

We apologise for this curtailment of our normal service, but these are not normal times.

This is, of course, a rapidly developing situation and this guidance will be updated as events unfold.

Lord Minginish
Lands Tribunal for Scotland
18 March 2020