Tenants’ rights to buy

The table belows lists previous Lands Tribunal for Scotland decisions under the jurisdiction of tenants’ rights to buy. Cases are listed by name and by Lands Tribunal reference number, with the most recent cases first. Selecting a case will either

Previous decisions - Tenants’ rights to buy
Case Name Reference No.
Patricia Hosie v West Dunbartonshire Council LTS/TR/2017/06
Alan Maloney v The City of Edinburgh Council LTS/TR/2017/04
Evelyn Dickson v Ore Valley Housing Association LTS/TR/2016/31
Morag Ann Cassidy and Margaret Cassidy v Trafalgar Housing Association Limited LTS/TR/2016/27
Barr v South Lanarkshire Council LTS/TR/2016/21
Stephen Kelly Oakley v North Ayrshire Council LTS/TR/2016/18
Christopher and Jacqueline Simpson v Hillcrest Housing Association Limited LTS/TR/2016/17
Chaudhry v South Lanarkshire Council LTS/TR/2016/15
Jane Pettigrew v River Clyde Homes LTS/TR/2016/14
Ryan Clark and Lorna Findlay v South Ayrshire Council LTS/TR/2016/13
Marion Thomson v South Ayrshire Council LTS/TR/2016/11
Hopwood and Parlett v West Lothian Council LTS/TR/2016/06 and 07
Kimberley Lee v The Highland Council LTS/TR/2016/04
M v City of Edinburgh Council LTS/TR/2016/01
Michelle Anne Caven v Irvine Housing Association (Merits) LTS/TR/2015/12
Michelle Anne Caven v Irvine Housing Association (Expenses) LTS/TR/2015/12
Kimberley Lee v The Highland Council LTS/TR/2015/05
Anna Boyle v South Lanarkshire Council (Merits) LTS/TR/2014/07
Anna Boyle v South Lanarkshire Council (Expenses) LTS/TR/2014/07
Akanimoh Collins Mark v City of Edinburgh Council LTS/TR/2014/03
Dorothy Ireland v Dundee City Council LTS/TR/2014/02
Eric Maclennan v Dunedin Canmore Housing Association Limited LTS/TR/2013/06
Margaret McIntosh v Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association Limited LTS/TR/2013/03
Mr and Mrs Henderson v West Lothian Council LTS/VR/2011/02
Alexander Andrew and Carole Andrew v North Lanarkshire Council LTS/TR/2010/10
Peter Carey v Glasgow Housing Association LTS/TR/2010/05
Brennan v Angus Council LTS/TR/2010/04
John Robb and Another v Tayside Joint Police Board (No. 3) LTS/TR/2009/11
Cochrane v Grampian Joint Police Board LTS/TR/2009/10
John Robb v Tayside Joint Police Board (No. 2) LTS/TR/2009/07
William Taylor and Catherine Taylor v Renfrewshire Council LTS/TR/2009/03
Ivan C Paterson v City of Edinburgh Council LTS/TR/2009/01
Lillian Fotheringham v Hillcrest Housing Association Ltd. LTS/TR/2008/12
Janet Warren v South Ayrshire Council LTS/TR/2008/11
Robb and Another v Tayside Police Joint Board LTS/TR/2007/12
Rizza v Glasgow Housing Association LTS/TR/2007/11
Methven v Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Board LTS/TR/2007/10
Young v East Dunbartonshire Council LTS/TR/2007/05
Violet Halliburton v Dundee City Council LTS/TR/2006/8
Christopher Dorman v City of Edinburgh Council LTS/TR/2005/9
Alasdair MacFadyen & Another v Argyll & Bute Council LTS/TR/2005/7
Johnston v Dundee City Council LTS/TR/2005/4
John Williamson v Fife Special Housing Association LTS/TR/2005/1
Fee v East Renfrewshire Council LTS/TR/2004/7
Fletcher v South Lanarkshire Council LTS/TR/2004/5
McLaren v North Ayrshire Council LTS/TR/2004/2
Thomas Connelly and Marie Connelly v South Lanarkshire Council LTS/TR/2003/14
Erskine v West Lothian Council LTS/TR/2002/15
William and Christine Johnston v Link Group Limited LTS/TR/2002/10
Mortimer v North Lanarkshire Council LTS/TR/2001/10
McAllister v Queens Cross Housing Association Limited LTS/TR/2001/5
Davidson v Dundee City Council LTS/TR/2001/3
Forsyth v South Ayrshire Council LTS/TR/2001/1
Smith v Dundee District Council LTS/TR/2000/18
Smith v Aberdeen City Council LTS/TR/2000/16
Lock v City of Edinburgh Council LTS/TR/2000/14
Graham v Northern Joint Police Board LTS/TR/1999/17
Ross v Dundee City Council LTS/TR/1999/9
Nicol v Shetland Islands Council LTS/TR/1999/3
Roy v Perth & Kinross Council LTS/TR/1999/2
Higgins v North Lanarkshire Council LTS/TR/1998/13