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Lands Tribunal for Scotland

Discharge of land obligations

The table belows lists previous Lands Tribunal for Scotland decisions under the jurisdiction of discharge of land obligations. Cases are listed by name and by Lands Tribunal reference number, with the most recent cases first. Selecting a case will either

Previous decisions - Discharge of land obligations
Case Name Reference No.
Smart v Myerscough and Others LTS/LO/2001/32 & 33
Railtrack v Aberdeen Harbour Board (Compensation) LTS/LO/2001/13, 14-21 & 28-31
Railtrack plc v Aberdeen Harbour Board (Merits) LTS/LO/2001/13, 14-21 & 28-31
Strathclyde Joint Police Board v The Elderslie Estates Limited and Others LTS/LO/2000/42
MacTaggart v Campbell and Another LTS/LO/2000/23
Pender v Sibbald Properties Limited LTS/LO/1998/6
Stevens v Smith LTS/LO/1996/16
East Dunbartonshire Council v Mrs C Smith LTS/LO/1995/16