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Landlord and tenant - Public sector housing - Tenants' rights - Right to purchase - Right to purchase all that purchaser has enjoyed as a tenant - Tenant claiming ground previously sold to neighbour - Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 section 63(2).

Higgins v North Lanarkshire Council
30 May 2000

The offer to sell to a tenant who had applied to purchase his house under section 61 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 did not include a strip of ground which the applicant claimed always to have enjoyed as tenant, although he had permitted successive neighbouring tenants to occupy the ground on the basis of verbal agreements for which purpose the boundary fence had been moved. On two occasions when the landlord had inspected the neighbouring properties they had recorded the altered line of the fence as the actual boundary line. When they sold the adjacent property to the tenant they included the disputed strip of ground in her title. This became apparent to the applicant when he sought to purchase his house and found that the strip of land was excluded from the offer to sell.

The applicant referred the matter to the Tribunal under section 71(1)(d) of the Act for a finding under section 71(2)(b) that the contents of the offer did not conform with the requirements of section 64 (1)(a) in that it did not ensure that he had as full enjoyment of the house as owner as he did as tenant. In the event that the Tribunal should make a finding to that effect he asked that it should order the landlords to amend the offer to sell so as to include the strip of ground which he claimed. The Council argued that should the Tribunal so find then it was not competent for it to order the Council to offer the strip of ground to the applicant that proposition having been correctly decided by the Tribunal in Brown-v-Scottish Homes.

Held (1) that the strip of ground had been included in the subjects let to the applicant; (2) that it was competent for the Tribunal to require the Council to offer to enter into a contract with the applicant in terms of which they will become obliged to convey the disputed land to him, and (3) ordered the Council to serve on the applicant an offer to sell in proper form, including the disputed land, within one month.

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See full decision:  LTS/TR/1998/13